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Scott to deliver a one-day DAD workshop in Potsdam Germany on November 19th

I’ll be delivering a one-day Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) workshop at the Agile Testing Days 2012 conference in Potsdam Germany on November 19th and also giving a keynote the following day about how testing practices fit in through the DAD lifecycle.

If you’re local to the Berlin/Postdam area I hope you can make it to both the conference and the event.

Workshop Description:

Introduction to Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD): The Foundation for Scaling Agile/Scrum

This one-day workshop begins with a deep dive into the fundamentals of the Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) process framework.  DAD is a hybrid which combines strategies from Scrum, Extreme Programming (XP), Lean Software Development, Unified Process, and Agile Modeling and other sources.  DAD fills in the gaps left by mainstream methods by providing guidance on how to effectively organize and run complex enterprise projects.  DAD promotes the ideas that agile teams should adopt a full delivery lifecycle, focus on solutions over software, and be enterprise aware.  DAD’s goals-driven approach enables teams to tailor their strategy to address the scaling factors that it faces in practice.  Is your team large?  Is it geographically distributed?  Does it need to conform to regulations?  Does it face a complex business problem domain?  Participants will work through how to tailor their process and team structure to address these scaling factors and more.


Scott to run agile adoption mini-workshop at Agile Tour Toronto 2012

Scott will be facilitating a one-hour agile adoption workshop entitled “We Can’t Do That!  Yes You Can!” at Agile Tour Toronto 2012 on November 26.  The goal of the workshop is to work together to turn the “We can’t do that”s into “Yes we can”s.  One of the submission reviewers observed that this is basically a minature consulting session.

Workshop description:

Adopting agile strategies within a few teams is fairly straightforward, but when organizations adopt agile across the enterprise they often run into numerous roadblocks.  Some of these roadblocks are real but most are perceived.  During this interactive session participants will first identify the roadblocks that they believe they face within their organizations.  As a group we will cluster similar issues together, identifying common categories of adoption challenges.  As a group we will swarm around the roadblocks to suggest potential solutions to the roadblocks that we face.  I finish the workshop with a summary of the result and his thoughts about how you can apply these lessons learned in your organizations.

Over the years I’ve spoked at several Agile Tour events, including the Toronto one, and I’ve always found them to be great value for attendees.  If you’re in the Toronto area I hope you can attend.

Agile Roundtable Discussion webcast on Thursday Sept 20

Myself, Philippe Kructen, Pollyanna Pixton, and and Lee Copeland will be giving a free webcast on Thursday Sept 20 about hot topics in agile development.  This webcast will be mostly content with just a very tiny bit of marketing for the upcoming Agile Best Practices conference which we’re all speaking at.  The signup page for the webcast is here and as you can see it looks like it’s going to be a good conversation.  Hope you can make it.

SWA+A Welcomes Mark Lines as Managing Partner

Scott W. Ambler + Associates is pleased to welcome Mark Lines to the firm as Managing Partner.  Mark comes to us from UPMentors which he co-founded in 2007.  Prior to that he worked for Rational Software and IBM.  He has over twenty years of experience delivering complex solutions  to clients across a wide variety of industries and is my co-author of Disciplined Agile Delivery.

The Disciplined Agile Delivery website is the community website for all things and discussions related to Disciplined Agile delivery (DAD) and our book on DAD.