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DA 201 – User Stories: A Disciplined Approach

User stories, or more accurately just “stories”, are an agile strategy for capturing high-level usage requirements.  Stories themselves are very simple – they are touted as a reminder to have a conversation with a stakeholder, or in other words do some just-in-time (JIT) analysis.  When applied in a disciplined manner stories can support very sophisticated software development efforts.  In this workshop students are introduced to the fundamentals of how to elicit, capture, estimate, and prioritize stories.  Students also learn how stories fit into the overall agile solution delivery process.


  • Agile practitioners who want to learn the fundamentals of user story driven development


  1. Introduction to user stories
  2. Writing user stories
  3. Writing stories from other stakeholders
  4. Strategies for estimating stories
  5. Strategies for prioritizing stories
  6. Implementing user stories

Workshop Logistics

  • Level: Introductory
  • Length: One day – 7 hours of classroom time plus breaks.
  • Approach: For each major topic in the agenda there will be instruction followed by group work.
  • Prerequisites: Basic understanding of Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) useful but not required.
  • Class size: Ideally 10 to 15, although up to 20 if the room allows.
  • Classroom requirements: For the students a table layout is preferred.  Ideally there should be tables of 4-6 people with sufficient space between them so that students can easily move about the room.  For the instructor a screen, projector, and writing space (whiteboards or flipcharts).

Related Courses

Most people choose to combine this workshop with the one day DA 202 – Writing Acceptance Criteria: A Disciplined Approach workshop which is a natural follow-on to this one.