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Our services are focused on helping enterprise organization and teams effectively adopt a disciplined agile approach for IT delivery.   Scott Ambler + Associates (SAA) offers the following services to help you adopt a more agile and lean approach:

Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) Transformation

A full enterprise transformation to a disciplined agile environment is often a multi-year journey for most organizations.  This transformation process begins with an assessment of your organization’s IT culture and capability.  This is a critical first step because it enables SAA consultants to tailor a transformation strategy that reflects your current environment.  The transformation program itself will consist of a combination of one or more of the other services listed on this page.

IT Executive Coaching

Disciplined agile strategies, and very often agile and lean techniques in general, will be new to many IT executives.  If you are at the stage where you are piloting Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) within your organization or are at the point where you are transforming your enterprise IT organization to disciplined agile your executives will need coaching and mentoring.  Disciplined agile teams need to be managed, governed, and nurtured in a manner that reflects the ways that they are organized and work, and this will require IT executives to adopt appropriate strategies for doing so.

Business Executive Coaching

Our experience is that the relationship that IT professionals have with their stakeholders will evolve, for the better, when disciplined agile strategies are adopted within IT.  The implication is that business executives at a minimum need training in Disciplined Agile Delivery and its implications for IT stakeholders.  Business executives who iteract with their IT organization will also need ongoing coaching so that their expectations and behaviors reflect a disciplined agile approach.

Team Coaching: Long-Term

A talented, self-organizing team can learn over a number of iterations how to improve their effectiveness.  However, to do so effectively they will need guidance from someone(s) who have deep knowledge and experience with disciplined agile strategies.  Just as important will be experience with adopting and tailoring Disciplined Agile Delivery (DAD) in the environment that enterprise faces.  Your approach for a small co-located team will be different than the approach you take for a large team spread across several locations, and will be different yet again if you face regulatory compliance.

Team Coaching for a Month

Although long-term coaching is preferable, sometimes you cannot afford to do so.  Working with your team side by side for a month can greatly accelerate the adoption of disciplined agile techniques and thereby the improvement in your project team’s performance.  It’s unlikely that we’ll get your team all the way to being fully disciplined in their agile approach, but we can get them going in the right direction and help them to avoid common pitfalls.

Remote Mentoring and Training

We also offer the opportunity for key influencers and team members to have regular, short sessions remotely with senior SAA consultants.  This can be an effective way for your experienced disciplined agile practitioners to leverage the insights of our people.

These services, in conjunction with our training offerings, may be combined and tailored as appropriate for your envionment.