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Disciplined Agile Assessment

In order to identify what improvements you need to make to your existing environment you must first understand where you currently are are succeeding with agile techniques, where you are currently running into trouble, and what organizational challenges you still need to overcome.  During this assessment, time permitting we look at what we refer to as the 5Ps of improvement: people (current skills and culture), principles (the underlying IT philosophies within your organization), practices (what techniques are being followed), products (what tools and technologies you’re using), and processes (what methodologies you’re trying to follow).

How it works:

We work through a four-step process:

  1. Schedule.  Before we arrive on site we work with you to schedule the right people we need to talk with.
  2. Interview and observe.  Our disciplined agile expert(s) interview a variety of your staff, ideally at their work locations, to learn about how they currently work today and what challenges they face.
  3. Interpret.  Based on what we’ve discovered through the interviewing and observation process we formulate an assessment of where you are, identify challenges that you currently face, and identify likely next steps to help you improve your approach.
  4. Summarize.  We present the results to your team and discuss next steps.  Our assessor(s) will pull no punches and will discuss both your strengths and weaknesses.

How long this takes:

It depends on the level of detail that you want and your ability to provide access to the right people.  High level assessments can be done in two to three days and detailed assessments in several weeks.  We will need to work together to put together an assessment approach that is right for you.

Common Modifications:

There are two common additions to this service offering:

  1. Estimate the potential return on investment (ROI) of your improvement program.  In order to develop this estimate you need to have a baseline of your existing productivity.  In other words you need a “before picture” which you can compare with your agile “after picture”.  Unfortunately few organization have such a baseline, making it very difficult to answer any sort of “what will the ROI be of our process improvement program” question.   However, it is possible to estimate a range of potential ROI through the interview process.
  2. Adoption strategy workshop.  Your team may choose to immediately follow the assessment presentation with a short workshop to formulate a strategy for moving forward with your process improvement program.